The pandemic and politics pushed us apart.

DIEMlife’s Mega-Quest   will pull us back together!



Do it all with the DIEMlife Mega-Quest...
the World’s Biggest Virtual Race for Wellness!

Eager to overcome health obstacles or push past personal fitness levels?

Ready to fundraise for first responders, frontline workers, or your favorite local business?

Want to set up a wellness program in your workplace?

Looking to connect with others and build a community around a common cause?

Join the DIEMlife Mega-Quest!

It’s a virtual race for wellness, driven by real-world tasks that take you forward each virtual mile. 

The DIEMlife Mega-Quest is a way to reset and reconnect

It's all about wellness - your own and others’. And it’s all about impact – changing lives, mile by mile.

Here’s what we’ve done so far…

Meals to the frontline

wellness miles logged

freelancers showcased

raised for causes

Ready to help us build teams and launch new locations in support of mental health and physical wellness?

Can you afford to miss out?

As a non-profit, you get:
New supporters. Money raised with NO FEES and NO COSTS. A platform to create your own team and select your top three actions to add to our dropdown of activities.

As a restaurant, you get: 

A way to sell more of your chow through our vouchers. A platform to create your own teams and feed your employees or community. A wellness program for your staff. 

As a for-profit, you get:

Branding. Social validation from doing good. ‘Free’ advertising. A wellness program for your members. 

As an influencer/content provider, you get:

Brand awareness. ‘Free’ advertising. Social validation for doing good. Sales leads for your

viewers. Fundraising for your favorite cause. A place to build your following.

As an individual racer and advocate, you get:

A wellness reset. Connection, social networking, and new partnerships. Social validation for doing good. Staying fit and social.  A way to help your local community.

Reserve your annual pass>

Choose a package that works for you…
  • $25 annual pass
  • $15 per race/route throughout the year
  • From your registration, we give $5 to a non-profit and buy a $10 restaurant gift card for a team
  • $25 per race/route throughout the year.
  • From your registration, we give $5 to a non-profit and buy a $10 restaurant gift card for a team
  • Sales start January 11, 2021
Partner with us to achieve your goals and boost your impact – and ours!

DIEMlife is all about impact and making a difference – and we’ve perfected a platform that has helped our partners put wellness programs, virtual races, and other team-building projects in place.

Partners like...

Across our six pillars of wellness...

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